Mediation Services

Does your dispute seem like it has hit a brick wall?

​Does it feel like the costs and fees are out of control?

Is your life being taken over by the dispute?

Mediation can provide a quick answer.
Mediation is a problem solving, dispute resolution process which incorporates the use of a neutral mediator to guide the parties to an agreed (if often not agreeable) solution. Early use of the mediation process has the potential to avoid thousands of dollars of costs in attorneys’ fees and emotional damage arising from the dispute.

Purcell Legal's team of expert mediators can guide you to a place of content.

Doug Purcell has been practicing law for thirty plus years and has seen a vast array of legal disputes that destroyed relationships and bank accounts, results which could have been avoided by early and meaningful mediation.

He has acted as a mediator in a large number of cases over the past thirty years, having been part of the early development of the mediation process in Washington State, a process which is now a required alternative dispute resolution component in most superior court cases and small claims courts throughout King and Snohomish counties.

Doug uses his creative instincts and intellect to bring perspective and alternative solutions to the dispute resolution process, often able to produce insights for the parties which allow them to resolve their dispute over the course of a few hours instead of months of litigation.

Mediation Legal Areas

Real Estate Disputes
Partnership and Business Dissolution Disputes
Collection and Financial Disputes
Construction Disputes
Condominium Disputes, including Home Owner Association Issues
All types of Commercial and Business Litigation


Call us at: 425-774-0444  to schedule a mediation session.


Fees are $175 per side per hour.
Sessions are scheduled in three hour blocks.